Hello friends, artists and patrons. Announcing our 2018 wonderful Morning Tea. Date is Thursday 22nd March. The venue has changed and will be in Oak hall at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School, 213 Wonga Road, Warranwood. Not far from our previous venue at WarranGlen garden Centre. And listening to feedback that it was a little early, we are now staring at 10 am-12.30pm. An event page will be set up closer to the time and ticket purchasing options, as well as who will be speaking and demonstrating their art work. This is a fund raiser for the Warranwood Art Show with all profits going to support the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School. ... See MoreSee Less

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Selva Veeriah exhibited at Warranwood Art Show for the first time in 2017. Don’t miss Selva’s exhibition in Kew
‘I_Me_Mine’ on 9-26 November 2017 at Bird’s Gallery, Kew.
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Best in Show

Best in Show Award 2017 was Ted Secombe for his beautiful porcelain matt crystal high fired Large Orb beaded.  Over $5,000 in prizes were awarded to artists in a variety of categories.  Speaking about the work chosen for the Best in Show award, the 2017 independent judge, Montsalvat Art Manager, Jeannette Davison said…[more]


April 2017 Exhibition

Art fans observed artists in action, gaining insight into their skill and technique.  Many tips were shared and it was pure delight to watch the artists demonstrating their art during the April exhibition. 

Sheer delight to watch artist Syd Tunn

Visitors saw 2017 award winning Feature Artist, Jenny Scholes in action along along with dynamic artistic duo, Syd Tunn and Ona Henderson, delighted with their love of art evident.  Encore!   More artistic performances enthralled visitors with opera with Dominique Oysten,  singing by Cherie Baxter and strings in contemporary, jazz and classical styles by talented students and musicians during Art & Wine with music…[more]

Above Oberon Bay, People’s Choice

Chris Kandis’ beautiful oil painting  Above Oberon Bay, Wilsons Promontory, was voted the favourite by  the visiting public to win the 2017 Warranwood Art Show’s People’s Choice Award. 

©Chris Kandis – Above Oberon Bay, Wilsons Promontory, oil on board (People’s Choice Award 2017)


Best Still Life

Best Still Life 2017 – Kylie Sirett for Three Chairs, oil on linen
Awarded by Judge, Jeannette Davison 

©Kylie Sirett – Three chairs


Best Wildlife/ Botanical

Best Wildlife/Botanical 2017 – Janette Bird for Stachyurus praecox, watercolour
Awarded by Judge, Jeannette Davison

©Janette Bird, Stachyurus praecox

Best Ceramic

Best Ceramic 2017 – Marlize Myburgh for Capture, terracotta clay
Awarded by Judge, Jeannette Davison

©Marlize Myburgh, Capture

Best Abstract

Best Abstract 2017 – Maureen Whitaker for Rust and Leather, mixed media
Awarded by Judge, Jeannette Davison

©Maureen Whitaker, Rust and Leather


Best Photography/ Digital Art

Best Photography/Digital Art 2017 – Silvi Glattauer for Wimmera Morning 1, pigment inkjet on rag
Awarded by Judge, Jeannette Davison

©Silvi Glattauer, Wimmera Morning 1

Best in Show

Best in Show 2017 – Ted Secombe for Large Orb Beaded, Porcelain: Matt Crystal High fired
Awarded by Judge, Jeannette Davison

© Ted Secombe, Large Orb Beaded, porcelain

Best Landscape

Best Landscape 2017 – Louise Foletta for Bithry Inlet: Cycles, mixed media on Arches 640gsm
Awarded by Judge, Jeannette Davison

©Louise Foletta, Bithry Inlet – Cycles

Highly Commended

Highly Commended 2017 – awarded to Gwen Scott for ‘Pomona in the Fig Tree’ and ‘Pomona Sleeping’, reduction linocuts
Awarded by Judge, Jeannette Davison 

©Gwen Scott – Pomona sleeping

©Gwen Scott – Pomona in the Fig Tree

Highly Commended

Highly Commended 2017 – Teresa Luttrell for 3 Textile Works
Awarded by Judge, Jeannette Davison 

© Teresa Luttrell – Amongst the Dunes, textile

© Teresa Luttrell – The Great Outdoors, textile

© Teresa Luttrell – Breaking Waves, textile


Highly Commended

Highly Commended 2017 – Jerry Osadczuk for ‘Fog Lifting’, oil
Awarded by Judge, Jeannette Davison 

© Jerry Osadczuk – Fog Lifting

Highly Commended

Highly Commended 2017 – Catrine Berlatier for Grey with Gold Stripes necklace, woven Canson paper, acrylic paint
Awarded by Judge, Jeannette Davison 

© Catrine Berlatier – Grey with gold stripes necklace, woven Canson paper and acrylic paper

People's Choice Award

People’s Choice Award 2017 – awarded to Chris Kandis for ‘Above Oberon Bay, Wilsons Promontory’, oil on board
As voted by the visiting public to Warranwood Art Show April 2017 exhibition.  

©Chris Kandis – Oberon Bay, Wilsons Promontory (Peoples Choice Award 2017)