•    Only invited artists can exhibit work.  New artists can apply for consideration and should submit photographs and descriptions of samples of the type of artwork they would like to exhibit together with a short biography or CV by February 1st each year.
•    Artwork from primary or secondary school students is not accepted.
•    Send all queries and applications to – Artist Liaison, Donna Deland by email
•    The Art Show Committee will consider all applications and the artist will be advised prior to the Entry closing date.


•    The art show is open to all adult artists.  Please note that we do not accept work from current primary or high-school students.
•    It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure all work offered for exhibition meets all conditions of entry.

•    Work must be original and recent of the artist.
•    Handmade Limited Edition prints including Etchings, Linocuts, Lithographs, Screenprints and Woodcuts etc. with LOW editions will be accepted.
•    Photographs and digital works will only be accepted when entered as one of a limited, numbered edition and signed by the artist.
•    Work must remain on show for the duration of the exhibition and all work must be available for sale.
•    Work must not have been exhibited at the Warranwood Art Show in previous years.
•    Each artist can submit up to three works.
•    All measurements must include the framing.
•    No artworks with any one side in excess of 1.5 metre will be accepted.

•    $15.00 per item entered.
•    The Entry Form can be sent by post or submitted by email to
•    Cheques:  make payable to ‘the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School S.C.A.’
.     Electronic Transfer:  CLEARLY MARKED WITH YOUR NAME
    Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School S.C.A.
.     ANZ Bank      BSB 013 278     Account no. 299959469 .
•    Entry fees for any work entered but not displayed will be refunded.

•    The Art Show Committee will not be responsible for any difference in the price shown on the entry form and a price shown elsewhere on an artwork.
•    If there is a difference between the price shown on the entry form and a price shown elsewhere on the exhibit, the work may be sold at the lower price.
•    All pricing should be GST inclusive.

•    The Australian Taxation Office requires us to hold either an ABN number for registered artists or a “Statement by Supplier” for hobby artists who are not registered for an ABN.  We DO NOT send any information to the Tax Office but we must hold it on file for auditing purposes.  If you do not provide the ABN or sign the Statement, the Tax Office requires us to withhold 46.5% from any payments made to you on the sale of your artwork. Please complete the details on the Entry Form.

•    There is a 25% commission on all sales to go directly to the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School Community Association.

•    If the exhibition space is exhausted, a Selection Committee including Curators will choose to exclude some or any artwork at their discretion.
•    The Curators and the Art Show Committee reserve the right not to exhibit any work that it deems inappropriate.
•    Art will be arranged on display by the Curators based on their judgement, bearing in mind the space available and the type and variety of artwork entered.
•    Preference to display any artwork may be given when a photograph of that artwork has been uploaded onto the website under the Artist Portal, Uploads.   Enrolled artists will be advised of the password by email. 

•    Artwork must be framed or finished to a professional standard, ready for hanging, with screw eyes or ‘D’ rings affixed approximately one third from the top of the frame and with hanging wire or cord strung at least 10cm below the top of the frame.
•    Unsuitably framed work and wet work will NOT be hung.
•    Artwork must have the artist’s name, title of the artwork, the medium and price marked clearly on a label affixed to the back of the work or where appropriate for three-dimensional work.
•    Work offered for exhibition must be signed on the front of the artwork by the artist or appropriately labelled in the case of three dimensional works.

•    Artists are requested to submit and upload digital photographs of each of their entries by the closing date (2017 closing date to be advised).
•    Instructions for uploading can be found on the Artists Portal in the Uploads section from March 1st (see below).
•    The Art Show Committee cannot guarantee that images will be displayed on the website if they are not in the prescribed format or are of poor quality.
•    Photographs displayed on the website will be image protected and will be on continuing display.

•    Artists are requested to provide a Biography or Artist Profile, which will be displayed during the Art Show.
•    Biographic information may be used in whole or part in the promotion and advertising of the Art Show.
•    By entering artwork and submitting the signed Entry Form, you hereby permit the Art Show Committee to use your name, biography, photographic images uploaded to the website, and/or general photographs taken during the setup and throughout the show for the publication of a catalogue and for purposes of promotion and advertising of the Art Show in any media.
•    Artists maybe be contacted by media or other organisations in order to promote and advertise the Art Show.

•    The Warranwood Art Show retains personal information of the artist as supplied on the Entry Form, which will be used during the planning and running of the show.  The only personal information made available to the public is the Artist name and Biography which may include website or email contact if included by the artist.

•    The Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School and the Exhibition Committee will exercise all reasonable care, but will accept no responsibility for any loss, theft or damage of artworks offered for exhibition.


We encourage all artists to submit a short, concise biography, which will be printed in a standard format, limited to 150 words and affixed to the wall beside one artwork exhibit of the artist.

Suggested inclusions:
•    Artistic motivation and influences.
•    Education and training or related experiences.
•    Brief description of the artist’s style, technique, preferred mediums and key themes.
•    The message the artist would like to convey.
•    Recent major awards and prizes.

Other tips:
•    The bio is best written in the third person.
•    Should include information about your current work.
•    Should NOT be a long list of exhibitions, awards and prizes etc. Send your concise bio by email to
Note that the Artshow Committee reserves the right to edit any biography for length or syntax.

Extensive Biography or CV
The wall-mounted bio must be concise as described, however, you are free to post a more expansive and complete bio/CV/ Artist Statement in hard copy, which will be stored in a folder and will be accessible to the public.

Send or deliver to: Warranwood Art Show C/- MRSS 213 Wonga Road, Warranwood 3134

Here are links to two interesting websites for tips on writing your Artist Biography:

Further enquiries by email to


Artists spend much more than the cost of paints and materials when they produce a piece of art.  It is an individual creative process, where time, effort, artistic flair and artist’s reputation have an enormous influence on the selling price of the artwork. There are other costs to consider when determining the selling price at any art show:

·      Entry fees                $15 per piece
·      Commission               25% on sales
·      Cost to deliver and collect the work

An example:
$500.00    Advertised selling price
$125.00     Less sales commission 25%
    15.00     Less entry fee
$350.00     Amount remitted to artist on sale of artwork

We recommend that artists consider the cost of materials, time to create and the cost of selling, when setting a price for artwork.


The 14th annual Warranwood Art Show 2017 prize winners are selected by an experienced and independent judge appointed by the Art Show Committee.  This year’s Judge is Monsalvat Arts Manager, Jeannette Davison.

Prizes are in the following categories:

•    Best in Show  $1,500
•    Best Landscape $700
•    Best Wildlife/Botanical $700
•    Best Still Life $700
•    Best Abstract $700
•    Best Ceramic Work $700
•    Best Photography/Digital Art $700


It is the responsibility of the artist to arrange delivery and collection during the designated times below.

We cannot accept deliveries outside this time frame.

COLLECTION from Oak Hall:
– 5.00pm – 7.00pm Sunday, 23 April.
Any artworks not collected by this time will not be covered by insurance. The committee or any member of the committee or the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School will not be responsible for work not collected at this time. Uncollected artworks will be disposed of one month after the exhibition date.

For your convenience, the following courier will be providing delivery services to this show. All delivery arrangements are the responsibility of the artist.  Contact the courier in advance for further details:-

Do Noble
Noble Art Couriers
03 9792 1272
0418 175 307

Warranwood Art Show, Oak Hall, 213 Wonga Road, Warranwood Vic 3134