2017 Best in Show

Best in Show Award 2017 was Ted Secombe for his beautiful porcelain matt crystal high fired Large Orb beaded, currently on show at Oak Hall until April 23. 

Speaking about the work chosen for the award, Jeanette Davison, Montsalvat Arts Manager and Warranwood Art Show’s 2017 Independent Judge said, ‘I cant help thinking that the work I’ve chosen for this most prestigious award will be on prominent display in a large prominent gallery in 300 or 400 years time. Then art lovers at that time will marvel at its flawless technique, its scale, and of course the undeniable beauty of its glaze.  Ceramic artists of the day will study the artist’s techniques and take inspiration from this work.  Travel back in time to today and I’ve no doubt that you will have noticed this work as you entered the gallery space.  If, like me, you were stopped by that work and found it necessary to walk around it to examine it from every angle, wished you could touch its beautifully rounded shape and felt clearly humbled by the display of impeccable technique, you’ll understand why I have awarded Ted Secombe’s work ‘Large Orb Beaded’ this year’s winner of ‘Best in Show’. Congratulations Ted Secombe. 

Prizes and Award Categories 2017

The 14th annual Warranwood Art Show 2017 prize winners were selected by an experienced and independent judge appointed by the Art Show Committee.  2017 Independent Judge was Monsalvat Arts Manager, Jeannette Davison.

Prizes were in the following categories:
•   Best in Show $1,500
•   Best Landscape $700
•   Best Wildlife/Botanical $700
•   Best Still Life $700
•   Best Abstract $700
•   Best Ceramic Work $700
•   Best Digital Art/Photography $700

2017 Independent Judge

Warranwood Art Show 2017 Independent Judge was Jeannette Davison.  Highly esteemed in Eltham and the Yarra Valley regions, Jeannette Davidson is a tireless and passionate promoter of the arts, bringing a refined arts awareness to the visiting public at arts cultural icon, Montsalvat located in Eltham. 

Montsalvat enlivens and enrichs its resident and guest artists, the arts and greater communities through diverse and popular arts and cultural programs and events.  Jeanette’s credentials as Arts Manager at Montsalvat, her lifelong passion for the arts and arts background shows her diversity, dedication and passion for the arts. 

Warranwood Art Show is pleased and delighted to have Jeannette Davison judge its April 2017 art show.