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2018 Feature Artist, Marguerite Swann

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Marguerite Swann - Coming In

Marguerite has come to making art rather late in life, now in her seventies.  But it is with all the joy and wonder of one on a road not travelled.

2018 Feature Artist, Marguerite SwannCompletely paralysed with polio as a young child, she had often imagined her inner self leaving that inert body, and dancing above herself. That opened her to the idea, with all its implied questions, that maybe we are more than a physical body, an idea that still intrigues her.

Marguerite recovered well enough to become a secondary teacher, have a family, and study theology, but when struck by weaknesses of the body and the decreasing mobility of Post Polio Syndrome, she realised her dream of the freedom of one day painting on large canvases was totally unrealistic. She would need to work small.

She began making a series of mixed media collages, photographing them in varying light situations, enhancing them on the computer, and having them printed on metal. With these four stages involved, they are truly digital art. And of course they can be printed in varying sizes. (See Marguerite's complete set of Feature Artist artworks in the 2018 Gallery)  

Marguerite Swann - There's a Light in Spring

When asked about her art, Marguerite says that when giving titles to the pictures for her exhibitions 'Imagine a Tree - Ikons of Memory' (2016) and 'Imagine Worlds’ (2017), she felt they represented moments in time - life moments - when emotion or reaction to beauty or light were strongly present. They were then recollected or seen again in the imagination, and came to represent soul states of the inner life.

The more abstract images derived from a similar sensing, but almost at the peripheral vision, and all remembered as ‘life moments’.

Some pictures have resonances with lines from poetry, as with 'There is a Light in Spring', 'Imagine Ophir' and 'Allurement of Light', and with mystics from the past in other works.

Beginning late and with limited training, Marguerite says that “from my own situation of limit comes an intense longing for lived life, connection and transcendence – the sense of something more than the physical - the sense of life, whispering through the light, perhaps portrayed now in a mystical abstraction. That is what my works are about, now glowing on metal, ikons honouring these fleeting ‘life moments’, hinting perhaps at other worlds to be imagined or apprehended … ”

Warranwood Art Show is excited to have Marguerite Swann as its 2018 Feature Artist.  Marguerite's unique work of digital art printed on metal had many eventgoers stopped in their tracks by the beauty of the images and the art medium.  See all of Marguerite Swann's beautiful art in the 2018 Gallery.  

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