Oak Hall, Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School

213 Wonga Road, Warranwood,3134

Terms and Conditions 2019

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  • The Warranwood Art Show 2019 is open to all adult artists. Please note that we do not accept work from current primary or high school students.

  • By submitting (non-acquisitive) works for consideration via the online process at Gallery 247, the Artist enters an agreement with the Warranwood Art Show and the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School, hereafter referred to as the Organisers, and complies with these Terms and Conditions. 

  • It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure all work offered for exhibition meets all conditions of entry. Please read the following carefully:-

Submission Process 

  • Up to 6 original artworks can be submitted for consideration, each attracting a non-refundable submission fee of $5 via the online payment system only.  

  • The submitted artworks will be considered by the Selection Panel and up to a maximum of 3 pieces per artist can be accepted and artists will be notified.  See Key dates and Fees.  
  • Entries must be made via the online entry system at Gallery 247 on or before the closing date, as per the Key dates and Fees that are listed separately.

  • All work must be original and recent (within 3 years). 

  • Original framed paintings; drawings etc and unframed works on canvas are accepted for submission.

  • Handmade Limited Edition prints, numbered and signed, including etchings, linocuts, screen prints and woodcuts etc. with low editions will be accepted for submission.

  • Photographs and Digital Works will be accepted for submission when entered as a limited, numbered edition, signed and numbered by the artist.

  • 3 dimensional pieces will be accepted for submission, including ceramics, glassware, sculpture, jewellery etc. 

  • Artists will set the sale price when submitting artwork and be inclusive of GST.

  • Work must be for sale and remain on exhibition for the duration of the exhibition.

  • Work must not have been exhibited at the Warranwood Art Show previously.

  • All measurements must include the framing.

  • No artwork with any one side in excess of 1.5 metres (1500mm) will be accepted.

  • The Organisers have the discretion to accept additional works of any artist.

  • Feature artists will be able to enter a number of works as negotiated with the Organisers.

  • No incomplete entries will be accepted.

Acceptance Process

  • The Selection Panel, appointed by the Organisers, will consider all submissions and artwork will be accepted at the discretion of the Selection Panel. The Panel’s decision is final.

  • Up to 3 artworks per artist can be accepted and Artists will be notified which of their works have been accepted by email at least 2 weeks prior to Delivery Day.  See Key dates and Fees

  • Artwork will be accepted based on criteria such as style, size, quality and artistic merit of the works as indicated by the photographic images and the likelihood that an artwork will sell at this show.

  • Capacity at the venue is limited and final acceptances will also consider the limitations of space.   

  • Compliance with the entry criteria and all Terms and Conditions is necessary.

  • The Selection Panel can choose to exclude some or any artwork and reserve the right not to exhibit any work that they deem inappropriate for this community exhibition.

  • Preference to accept any artwork may be given to those where photos have been received by the submission deadline.

  • It is the Artist’s responsibility to check all artwork details including description and price on acceptance.

  • On acceptance, the Acceptance Fee must be paid via the online payment system only. See Key dates and Fees. 

  • Artists may not substitute shortlisted or Final selection works with any other work. A forfeit of the Acceptance fee will apply. 

Delivery and Display

  • All accepted exhibits must be delivered to the venue - Oak Hall, Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School, 213 Wonga Road, Warranwood - at the times listed in the Key dates and Fees.

  • The artist is responsible for the delivery of artwork on the designated dates and times.

  • Works will not be accepted for delivery if payment of the Acceptance fee has not been received via the online process.

  • Please do not deliver unsuitably framed or wet work as it will not be hung and all fees will be forfeited. Wire and D rings or framing cord must be fixed at least 10cm from the top of the frame.  See Presentation and Pricing.

  • Artwork must have the artist’s name, title of the artwork, the medium and price marked clearly on a label affixed to the back of the work or where appropriate for three dimensional work.

  • Artwork will be arranged on display by the Organisers based on their curatorial judgement.

  • Title cards will be supplied and attached by the Organisers on delivery of the artworks.

  • If there is a significant difference between the submitted image and the actual work delivered, the Organisers reserve the right to reject the work and all fees will be forfeited. 

Commission and Payments 

  • During the Show, Artists will be notified via the online system if an artwork sells.

  • There is a 25% commission on all sales at the Warranwood Art Show, which is directed to the School Community Association of the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School.

  • Please complete the GST declaration as part of the online system registration process. Without this declaration the ATO requires the Organisers to withhold 48.5% from any payments made to you on the sale of artwork. 

  • Payments for sold works, less the commission, will be made within 21 days of the closing of the Warranwood Art Show.

  • Artists must provide bank account details via the online system to facilitate payments for sales, which will be made via direct debit only to the Artist’s account.

 Permission to use Photographs and Biographical Information 

  • Artists can submit a biography via the online system.

  • By submitting artwork and being accepted as an exhibitor, you hereby permit the Organisers to use your name, biography, photographic images of accepted artworks, and/or general photographs taken during the setup and throughout the show for the publication of a catalogue and for purposes of promotion and advertising of the Warranwood Art Show in any media.

  • Artists may be contacted by media or other organisations in order to promote and advertise the Warranwood Art Show.

  • The only personal information made available to the public is the artist’s name and biographical information as provided by the artist.


  • Unsold artworks must be collected from the venue in the time designated in the Key dates and Fees.

  • There is no storage facility at the venue and any uncollected works will not be covered by insurance. The Organisers will not be held responsible for work not collected at this time.  Uncollected works will be disposed of one month after the exhibition date.


  • The Organisers of the Warranwood Art Show and the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School will exercise all reasonable care, but will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage or artworks offered for exhibition.

  • Artists are responsible for insuring their works against loss or damage whether in the custody of the Organisers or in transit.

Artist Contact Information

Payments and Commissions

  • Artists are responsible for keeping their mobile, email address, GST and EFT payment details up-to-date on the online system to ensure they receive updates before, during and after the Show, and the appropriate payment for sold artworks. 

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